Want to resolve Kashmir through Dialogue ,says Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif

nawaz sharif

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reiterated that Pakistan is not in favour of any confrontation with India and hopes to resolve kashmir through dialogue .

Addressing a joint session of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir’s ‘assembly’ in Muzaffarabad to mark ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’, Sharif also said that Pakistan is ready to cooperate with India on every matter, including terrorism and hope that the  comprehensive bilateral dialogue process between Pakistan and India would move forward in days to come as he underlined that “differences” on all outstanding issues, including on Kashmir can be resolved only through talks.

It is not possible that one part of the region should be prosperous and the other part in trouble. Kashmir is part of South Asia. Its peaceful solution is indispensable. History is once again calling leadership of Pakistan and India. We want peace in the region. We are prepared to do each and every thing to this effect. We don’t want confrontation with India. Kashmir issue be resolved through talks, he said this while addressing the joint sitting of the AJK Assembly and Kashmir Council in Muzaffarabad on Friday.

“Pakistan is most affected by terrorism. Who wants eradication of terrorism more than Pakistan?” he said.

“Difference of opinion between two countries is not unheard of. What is unusual is that for 6-7 decades, we have not been able to get rid of these differences,” he said.

Sharif said that solution to all outstanding issues with India including Kashmir lies in dialogue.

“I brought this up with the Indian leadership and would like to reiterate that the solution to our problems lies in dialogue. Unless we sit together and talk about these issues, they won’t be resolved,” he said.

He expressed hope that Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue process between Pakistan and India would move forward in days to come.

Indo-Pak ties have recently witnessed many ups and downs after the decision to engage in a Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue.

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