Want to loose weight? Try this


Many people who remain tensed with their fat can now loose out their weight with these basic routine exercises.

1. Superman stretch: Superman-Exercise-wefornewsThe superman is a simple exercise that will work upon your whole back. Stretch your back , hands and feet to the fullest. Hold the superman position for around 30 seconds, rest and repeat four times. So you stretch for exactly 2 minutes.
2. Upward facing dog: Upward Dog-wefornewsThis exercise make you feel firmer. In this exercise, stretch your neck and chest. Balance your weight through your palms. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat it thrice.
3. Bicycle crunches: bicycle crunches-wefornewsThis is one of the most effective ab exercises to work those obliques. In this move forward your head and knees. Continue it for a minute, rest for 2-3 seconds and do another set for a minute.
4. Dolphin plank:dolphin plank-wefornews It needs a little extra strength, it will challenge your core while toning your hamstrings and butt. In this exercise put your balance on your toes and elbows. Try to hold the plank for a minute. If you fall off in between, try it again and get back to the same position.
5. Ab scissors: Scissor-Abs1-wefornewsThis ab scissors is generally performed to strengthen core and tone legs. In this exercise, straight your legs and move your leg upside firmly.Do this exercise on alternate sides for a minute and you will immediately feel the burn in your glutes and hamstrings.
6. The reclining hamstring: Reclining Hamstring-wefornewsThis stretch is an great way to stretch your hamstrings and back at a time. In this move your leg towards your head, you can also take support of your hands. Try to take it to the last. Do it on alternate sides 12-15 times.
7. Child’s pose: ChildsPose-wefornewsAfter all done, just relax in child’s pose for two minutes. In this bent your knees and stretch your arms forward to the ground. Apart from releasing all the stress from your back, it will allow you to stretch your legs and arms.

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