Want to have a luxury ride? Try India’s Maharajas’ Express..!!


An ultimate moving beauty of railways called  Maharajas’ Express  has been ranked and admired among the top rated trains in the world, while The Plaza New York was rated among the best hotels for the super-rich, says a survey.

Maharajas’ Express has been ranked fourth on the list as per preferences of the luxuries as well as facilities, while Eastern & Oriental Express (Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand) was rated the best globally said “New World Wealth” survey.


According to The Maharajas’ Express’ website, the train has “redefined the luxury travel experience by offering guests the opportunity to explore fabled destinations providing a glimpse of rich cultural heritage of Incredible India, the beauty had became the symbol of inclination among the foreigners…

People love to travel on this magnificent wheels for various reasons and the vital reason is because It offers various travel packages with train fares ranging from around $3,000, and going up to nearly $24,000 (Rs 16 lakhs) the facilities and luxury what they are providing on this train is unbelievable regarding to this fare..

Other top rated trains globally includes, Blue Train (South Africa), Pride of Africa (Rovos Rail), The Orient Express (Europe and Turkey).

Meanwhile, among the luxury hotels, the iconic Plaza Hotel of New York, owned by crisis-ridden Sahara group, has been rated as the second most rated hotel by the super rich of the world. The list was topped by The Bellagio, Las Vegas.

The survey, conducted by the wealth intelligence company, New World Wealth, has ranked the trains and hotels on the basis of votes by the multi-millionaires.

It said it interviews over 800 HNWIs every year in order to determine their preferences.

The report further said that Africa dominated the top rated trains list with both the Pride of Africa and the Blue Train..

Everyone should have a dream to be on this unbelievable moving wheels for once throughout their life time.

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