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New Delhi, Feb 11: Are you also among those who do not wash face with proper cleansers or consuming too much of dairy products? Then you need to stop these habits right now to fight acne, says an expert.

Abhishek Pilani, the Cosmetologist, Trichologist from Assure Clinic, shares a few acne-causing habits:

* Acne is caused if you don’t wash your face properly. It is very necessary to use well-medicated cleansers twice a day, but hard cleansers and washing too frequently can be harmful to your leading to dryness.

* Using dairy products on a daily basis: Dairy products have an abundance of hormone IGF 1 (Insulin-like growth factor 1) which is especially found in milk. It can cause inflammation in humans. Milk causes an insulin spike in humans that makes the liver produce IGF 1. This can result in excess sebum production causing more clogged pores and thus, the acne. Try to consume less dairy product.

* Using smartphones too much: Smartphones are one of the common reason of breakouts. This is because when your phone is placed on the skin while talking to someone, you allow bacteria into your pores and ultimately, get pimples. So, use it’s better to use earphones to keep a check on breakouts.

* Applying body cream on face: Many people apply body care products on thier face to get some more beauty benefits. But if you are doing this then quit it to avoid acne. Feel free to use a face cream on the dry patch of your body, but using a body lotion on your face could cause acne.

This could specifically be the case if your skin is sensitive and the facial lotion you generally use is oil and fragrance-free, and then you reach for a scented and thicker body lotion in the hope to achieve the same hydrating results.

* Diet issue: Sweet food items may not always be good for skin. Diet rich in sugar or food with the high glycemic index can be a cause of acne. Avoid sugar, carbohydrate-rich food and starch for acne-free skin. Eat small meals with the diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

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