Voters have to choose a capable govt not incapable Modi govt in 2019 : Kapil Sibal attacks PM

Kapil Sibal
Former Human Resource Development Minister of India

New Delhi, Jan 13 : Congress leader Kapil Sibal made a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for asking the voters to choose between stability and instability, saying Modi is entirely wrong as the choice between voters is “Ability and Inability”as the leader should have the capability to solve the problems of the country.

Sibal’s attack comes after PM Modi asked Voters to choose His ‘Majboot’ or Opposition’s ‘Majboor’ Sarkar as BJP passed a resolution at the party’s national convention that the choice for voters in the Lok Sabha polls will be between ‘stability’ and ‘instability’.

The seasoned politician showed the mirror of truth to the NDA government by listing the blunders done by Prime Minister Modi.

He tweeted, “Modiji says that in 2019 people to choose between :
Stability and Instability;You are wrong Modiji ;The choice is between :Ability and Inability;
2014-2019 are years marked with instability :Demonetisation ,Lynching,Flawed GST,Quota Law,
Fake encounter,Whither India !”

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