Vivo unveils first under display fingerprint technology 


Shanghai, June 28: Aiming to take on tech giants Samsung and Apple, Chinese smartphone maker Vivo on Wednesday launched the industry-first under display fingerprint technology that will strike out the need of a physical button to unlock the device.

Called Vivo Under Display, the technology was unveiled at MWC 2017 here.

“From processing innovations in casings to dual lenses for both front and back cameras and finally design breakthroughs in appearance, the smartphone industry has entered a new round of technological competition,” Alex Feng, Senior Vice President at Vivo, told the gathering.

“We are set to elevate our technology capabilities and bring better products to our consumers. That is how we keep our brand’s competitiveness in the long run,” Feng added.

Based on Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors – that was launched earlier in the day — this sensor can be placed under the glass (0.8mm), an OLED screen (1.2mm) and an aluminium cover (0.525mm), making it invisible yet fully functional.

Vivo uses the ultrasonic technology in its sensor that emits ultrasonic waves that capture a precise image of a user’s fingerprint to unlock the device.

The fingerprint recognition technology can be further expanded to realize users such as gesture recognition, security verification and more which will greatly enhance user experience.

The water resistant technology even omits the limitations that Capacitive fingerprints face and can unlock devices even if the hands are wet.

What makes this technology superior is the fact that the sensor can be placed anywhere under the display and with this release a real full screen display is expected in the future.

The company also launched the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solution for backlighting and night-time photography.

The Vivo DSP photography solution is to help users take pictures with high quality and accurate exposure and adjust the brightness to the image to match what is actually seen by the naked eyes.

The technology allows smartphones to take multiple RAW pictures quickly when shooting under complicated lighting conditions. The DSP chip will then automatically process and compose a single RAW picture which is then exported to a JPEG format.

The DSP Photography Solution technology not only saves time by fast photo processing but also minimises the noise for night scene photography and even improve the beautification effects of Vivo’s Face Beauty Mode.

Vivo also unveiled the Hi-Fi audio solution with DAC chip that improves the audio quality.

Hi-Fi refers to High-Fidelity audio and products equipped with this technology can provide users with a high-quality music experience.

The new solution is focused on perfecting details via a customized DAC decoding chip together with a customised headphone amplifier which improves dynamic range, distortion and output power.

The solution has twice the output amplitude as ordinary phones.

In subjective acoustic evaluations, it has shown better resolution and thrust, rich details and strong spatial perception. Moreover, the headphone amplifier utilises new processing technology to improve power efficiency as well as the overall audio experience.

Themed ‘The Human Element’ MWC Shanghai 2017 is being held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 28 to July 1.

The conference is expected to attract more than 650 manufacturers from various fields in the global mobile industry.


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