Viral Video: Madhabi Mukherjee-Ray’s Charulata accuses BJP of duping her

Kolkata, July 17 Bengali actress Madhabi Mukherjee, best known for her portrayal of the title role in auteur Satyajit Ray’s classic film ‘Charulata’, on Wednesday denied any links with BJP, alleging she was misled to support an organisation whose affiliation to the saffron outfit was not disclosed to her.

The 77-year-old actress landed in a controversy after a video in which she was seen endorsing the newly formed Bangiya Chalacchitra Parishad (BCP) became viral on social media on Tuesday.

In the video, Mukherjee was heard saying she would lend all her support to the BCP in the coming years as it was working for cine artists and technicians.

Her comments was taken as the veteran actress’ pledge of allegiance to a pro-BJP association.

On Wednesday, however, Mukherjee vehemently denied any such plans.

“Two men, one of them a film director, came to my residence and requested me to be part of the BCP which, they claimed, would help technicians and artists passing through tough times. I liked the idea, and immediately said I would be with them.

“They then asked me to sign on a piece of paper, which I did without reading the content. They gave me a copy of it and left.

“But all hell broke loose at night, as i was inundated with calls asking me whether I had joined the BJP. I told them that I had no connection with the BJP but have only associated myself with BCP.I also categorically told all the callers that there is no question of me joining the BJP,” said Mukherjee.

Calling it “all bogus”, Mukherjee said she has decided not to keep any truck with the BCP.

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