Viral Video: Dutch PM Mark Rutte mops Parliament floor after spilling coffee

Netherlands June 6: A video of Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte cleaning up the Parliament floor has gone viral on social media.

The clip shows the leader entering through the security gates of the Dutch parliament and accidentally spilled his coffee. But instead of waiting for the cleaners, he borrowed a mop and started cleaning up the mess.

Diplomat Cees Van Beek of Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands shared the video on Twitter

The viral video soon caught the attention of Indian social media users, who were quick to suggest that politicians back home should take an example .

Few hours later, another clip was shared on Twitter in which Rutte can be seen getting a lesson in adjusting the mop to his height from employees – in case he spills his coffee again.

This isn’t the first time when Mark Rutte has shown the actions of a true nationalist and a leader. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte went on a bicycle to meet the King to inform him about the formation of a new government due to the drastic levels of air pollution that is affecting the health of the people.

The environmental group Milieudefensie said that the air quality in parts of Amsterdam, Maastricht and Rotterdam has high concentration of nitrogen dioxide that breaks EU standards, exposing the population to dangerous levels of pollution since January 2015.

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