Viral Audio: Contractor accuses BJP MLA Raju Todsam of harassing him for money

Image : Nagpur Today

Maharashtra, Sep 8: BJP MLA Raju Todsam from Arni in Vidarbha has been accused of harassing a government civil contractor for money. 

In a viral audio, Todsam can be heard asking contractor to pay some amount of money to continue work in his area, while contractor pleading to consider his inability to do so because his son is in coma for the last nine months.

“MLA Raju Todsam has been harassing me about financial transactions. I have made an audiotape of the conversation, where he is threatening me, viral on Thursday. The MLA threatened me, saying he would see ‘how I (Sharma) carry out any work in his (Todsam’s) area unless the transactions are made’. I am submitting this complaint because I think there’s a danger to my life,” Sharma has said in his complaint to the Wadgaon police station in Yavatmal, the Indian Express reported.

Here is a viral audio of BJP MLA :  

(Audio Clip Posted by Nagpur Today)

However, During the conversation, Todsam seems to be calm and warns the receiver of raising “quality control” issues and halting the work.

Following his unfazed attitude the contractor tells BJP MLA that he will take the matter to the Yavatamal minister and partry leader Madan Yerawar. In response to this Todsam then asks him if he was issuing him a threat, and threatens that he was going to talk to the chief minister about it.

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