Vin Diesel praised Deepika says She is the queen of the Whole World

vin and Deepika

Mumbai, Jan 13:  Hollywood star Vin Diesel, who will be sharing the screen with Deepika Padukone in “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”, praised his actress and called her “an angel with a beautiful soul”.

“I was waiting for the opportunity to come here. And she is the queen and angel who is such a blessing in my life. She has a such a beautiful soul. To be a part of the magic that is made on-screen is a blessing of my life,” said Vin

Vin has come to India for the first time the actor revealed that he had always cherished the thought of coming to India and it has been possible only because of Deepika. “I was waiting for an opportunity to come to India. It was this queen here, this angel (who made it happen). It is such a blessing that she is in my life. Such a blessing to have someone in my life who is such a beautiful soul,” he said.

Vin and Deepika along with director D.J. Caruso, hosted a press conference for the promotion of their  upcoming action “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” which releases in India prior to US.

“There is no one like Deepika. Though her origin is Indian, she is the queen of the whole world. I saw her in ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and she was mindblowing,” said Vin, heaping praise on his co-star.

“Being in this city (Mumbai) is like a dream comes true. I wanted to work with Deepika from a long time. I met her years ago. She requested me she wants to do the premiere in her country. So the fact is that we are here to keep her promise,” he added.

“The love between two characters, me and Deepika in the film is the evidence of multi-culture global harmony we talk about,” said “The Fast and Furious” star.

The movie is the third instalment of the “xXX” series. It also stars Ruby Rose, Donnie Yen, Samuel L Jackson, and Tony Jaa.
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