Villagers from Manoharpur in Saharanpur to boycott polls over ‘No development’

Narendra Modi Rally

Lucknow, April 7 : Villagers from Manoharpur in Saharanpur Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh have decided to boycott polls over ‘no development’.

“There are many issues relating to electricity,water and roads. No politician has visited the village to address our issues.We need written assurance else we won’t vote”,Villager said.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in western Uttar Pradesh attacked Congress candidate Imran Masood for threatening him n 2014 that he would chop PM Modi into pieces.

“Yahan toh boti boti karne wale sahab bhi hain (This was where that man said he will chop me into pieces). He is a favourite of the Congress prince. Do keep in mind that they are the ones who threaten while we are the ones who respect and protect your daughters,” PM Modi said at the rally aimed at garnering support for sitting BJP parliamentarian Raghav Lakhanpal.

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