Vijayvargiya takes a dig at Shivraj Singh govt


Bhopal, September 14, 2016: The national general secretary of BJP, Kailash Vijayvargiya in a recent interview has shown signs of factionalism in the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh.

In an interview to a local television channel on Monday, Vijayvargiya courted a controversy by targeting the ruling state government led by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan as well as state party chief Nandkumar Chouhan.

He said that “ills that come with power are slowly becoming apparent… if we are not careful, we may find the going tough in the next elections.” Corruption was always there, but in the first 10 years of BJP rule, it was under control. However, it is now rampant at lower level… The bureaucrats don’t respect (party) workers. Some workers complain to me when I am in Delhi, but not everyone can come to Delhi,” he said.

Vijayvargiya also warned Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s close aid Nandkumar, not to forget his “haisiyat (status)”. “Nandkumar should not become someone’s mouthpiece. He should keep workers’ interests in mind and not try to protect officers,” he said.

“He mistakenly believes that he is the chief minister, hence he is talking about following Raj Dharma. His dharma is associated with the organisation and he should complete this task. He should think about Raj Dharma when he gets to occupy the (CM’s) chair. I don’t cross the line and I expect him to stay within his limit too,’’ he said.

The spate between the two leaders started when Vijayvargiya tweeted on September 3, “we had promised residents of Indore… a metro (rail) but the state government’s speed suggests we will get a bullock cart, not metro.’’ But after some time he deleted the tweet, before posting another one which shifted the blame to officials.

While answering to his tweet, Nandkumar said on September 7, “Since going to Delhi, his understanding about MP has lessened a bit”.

On September 10, Nandkumar said that he had followed his Raj Dharma while asking Vijayvargiya to refrain from saying things that embarrass the party.

However on Tuesday, the state BJP chief claimed that he had only said dharma, not Raj Dharma. “What I said was in the interest of organisation. I am aware of my limit,’’ he said, alleging that he had been misquoted.

In the interview, Vijayvargiya also recalled that in 2007, he had stopped Damoh Lok Sabha member Prahlad Patel, who was then not with the BJP, from saying about CM Chouhan’s wife, Sadhna Singh, in connection with the dumper case, at a press conference.

“I am disclosing it publicly for the first time. I requested Patel, who was carrying lots of documents, not to talk about Sadhna Bhabhiji. You may accuse the CM, but not his wife,’’ he said.

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