Vijay Mallya says ‘Justice prevails’ after UK court allows Appeal Against Extradition

Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya, File Photo

London, July 2 The UK High Court on Tuesday allowed Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya, charged with fraud and money-laundering back home, to appeal against his extradition to India.

“God is great.Justice prevails. A Division Bench of the English High Court with two senior Judges allowed my application to appeal against the Magistrates Judgement on the prima facie case and charges by the CBI. I always said the charges were fals.” Mallya said.

Mallya, whose extradition order had been upheld by the Westminister Magistrates’ Court last year and his appeal against it rejected earlier this year, had moved the High Court in a last-ditch bid to stop against being sent to India.

“Despite the good Court result for me today, I once again repeat my offer to pay back the Banks that lent money to Kingfisher Airlines in full. Please take the money. With the balance, I also want to pay employees and other creditors and move on in life,”he said.

According to the reports, had his appeal failed, he would have been on his way back home shortly.

In the hearing on Tuesday, his lawyer Clare Montgomery argued that Mallya was being targeted on political considerations and had been “deliberately set up as a lightning rod of public anger at India’s bad debt”. It was unlikely he would get a fair trial in these circumstances, she added.

She also argued that Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot, who had cleared Mallya’s extradition last year, had made “very serious errors of fact and law”.

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