Video:Goons assaults woman school owner for refusing to pay extortion money

Bihar, Jan 13 : An incident of lawlessness came to light in Bihar where a group of men on Saturday assaulted a woman and fired gunshots, who owns a private school in Saharsa after she allegedly refused to pay extortion money to them.

The incident, which has been caught on CCTV camera, shows a group of 4 men suddenly running towards the woman as one of them tackled her to the ground.

One of the goon from the group was using his belt to hit the woman. Another from the group members rushed to the gate of the school with a gun in his hand and fired a few shots before fleeing the scene. While some of the men rushed off on a motorcycle, the others were on foot.
Bihar governmnet said that further investigation is underway, arrests will be made.

In the video, the woman requested the group to spare the school.

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