Varun Gandhi: Big politicians responsible for farmer’s suicide


BJP MP Varun Gandhi has targeted the big politicians over the farmers committing suicide because of the ‘fleecing’ banks. Varun Gandhi has criticised the cause that is leading to a disparity between the rich and the poor.

Gandhi, while addressing the non-political event said that people are not aware about the thoughts of today’s top leader’s sole criterion is  to win the election and to become a big politician.

Varun Gandhi over the bank loan issue said that Vijay Mallya who secured the bank loan of Rs 4,500 crore fled India and it seems like he will never come back on the other hand when a farmer was not able to pay the loan has committed suicide.

“A farmer in Kerala, KT Thomas, could not repay Rs 3,000 loan and ultimately committed suicide”. Varun Gandhi said.

It seems that Gandhi is targeting his own party leaders saying that the thought of leaders key issue is to focus on the agriculture, economy external affairs, but winning polls has become the only criterion to become a leader.

Earlier, Varun Gandhi praised India’s first PM and Congress member Jawaharlal Nehru by saying that, what he did is not known to everyone, he  mentioned how Nehru  spent 15 years in jail to achieve what he had.

Gandhi seems like he doesn’t want to miss any chance praising its opposition party. He said that it was because of his Gandhi surname that he could easily rise in politics.

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