Varanasi ‘shivling’ gets anti-pollution mask

Idols wearing masks shivling

Varanasi, Nov 7 : With pollution levels touching an all-time high in Varanasi, the ‘Shivling’ at the famous Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple has been covered with a protective mask on the top.

Pandit Sandeep Mishra, the priest of the temple, said, “The air is very polluted in the city and we need to protect Lord Shiva from this poisonous air. We believe if he is safe, we will also remain safe and so we have put a mask on the Shivling.”

Idols wearing masks in Kashi
Idols wearing masks in Kashi

He said that during winters, idols are draped in shawls and woollens and air-conditioners are installed in summers. “Similarly, we have put this anti-pollution mask to protect the deity from bad air,” he explained.

Idols wearing masks parvati

The Air Quality Index in Varanasi was 226 on Thursday, which falls under the poor category.

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