Vajpayee stopped Army to enter POK, says General Malik


India in 1999 was at the time of war, the Indian Army was ready to enter Pakistan-occupied Kashmir but was told to put forth the same.

Retired General VP Malik shared this story, he narrated that the Indian Army way back in 1999 was ready to enter POK but were stopped by Atal Bihari Vajpayee as India was under international pressure.

India won the Kargil war in 1999 and after the conflict, Indian forces were ready to respond to the Pakistani incursion but were put on hold by the then PM.

“On June 2, PM Vajpayee told the Army not to cross the border. The then national security adviser Brajesh Mishra had said in an interview that the Army was told ‘not to cross the border today, but we don’t know about tomorrow’,” Gen Malik said.

The General told that the decision of not entering POK made Indian soldiers very disappointed. Vajpayee took three days to convince the Army Chief to let Pakistan go.

“In the hindsight, it was a right decision,” he said.

General Malik, during the Switch Global Expo at Ahmedabad on Monday, said that “After the surgical strikes, we don’t have to beg to the international community (to build pressure on Pakistan to stop supporting terror activities against India). We have to tell them that if they (Pakistan) continue to do this, we will have to go to war.”

The tension between tension between India and Pakistan has increased across LoC in POK surgical strike by Indian Army. This operation made Gen Malik anxious about if Pakistan will change.

“I am not optimistic that Pakistan will change after one surgical strike. We must be prepared for more action from them and more reaction from us,” he asserted.

“We have to tell them that when it comes to national security, we must work together,” he said.

He said the above while pointing out the politicians for attacking each other over the surgical operation carried out by the Indian Army.

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