Bad Blood between two villages in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon ends after 90 years

Bad Blood between two villages in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon ends after 90 years
bad blood UK Kumaon
bad blood UK Kumaon

The bad blood between the two villages in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region finally came to an end after 90 years. The two villages met hand and agreed on a truce with each other after seeing the love which was blooming between the young generation of both villages as reported by Telegraph Online.

Within just one hour of meeting and discussing the residents of Hachina and Ajera in Pithoragarh District, Tehsil Didihat decided to allow the marriage proposal between the youth of two villages.

Sound too good to be true this story is an example of how loves triumphs all in the real world too.

The elders of both villages went to Kokila Mata temple located between the two villages on Friday and sought permission from the Goddess to forge the friendship and alliance between both villages.

The bad blood between the residents of Hachina and Ajera started in 1930 when both villages started claiming their right to the nearby forest of Lori. According to the elders both villages used to collect wood from Lori but one day the residents of Hachina declared that they would use its resources exclusively and in-process banishing Ajera village from the forest. Hachina village claimed Lori because the forest was closer to them.

This divide ran so deep that there was no amalgamation between several generations and residents. Villagers did not even enter each other’s village after that incident.

“Panchayat Chiefs invited the Villagers and solved the issue”
“Recently, we realized that although the youths of our villages don’t talk to each other when they are here, many of them have secretly developed romantic relationships and friendships in their colleges. Initially, the elders had resisted but gradually they began considering ending the deadlock,” said a villager who didn’t want to be named to Telegraph.

The two social workers Jaman Singh Bora and Kaman Singh, of Hachila and Ajera, respectively, were key in solving this dispute. As they realised that there was no point allowing this hostility to spread more. So, to avoid clashes in the future they both successfully talked to villagers and helped them in reaching a middle ground.

“After a series of meetings with the villagers, it was decided that the panchayat chiefs of Hachila and Ajera, Hansa Devi and Baldev Singh, would invite their fellow villagers to the temple to discuss the issue. It was decided after an hour of meeting at the temple that they would forgive each other. They will also start marriage alliances,” Bora said.

“The villagers submitted a joint application before the Goddess through a priest that they wanted to end the enmity,” Bora said.

“The villagers are very happy as they have removed a 90-year-old burden from their minds and hearts,” Kaman Singh said.

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