Uttarakhand: Harish Rawat seeks revoking suspension over teacher arrest

Harish Rawat
Image: PTI

New Delhi, June 29: Condemning the arrest of the school teacher over a transfer in Uttarakhand, former chief minister Harish Rawat on Friday demanded a revoke on her suspension.

“Our system has become so insensitive that a widowed teacher remained posted in a remote area for 25 years and no one listened to her. I advise Chief Minister to direct police to release her and revoke her suspension,” former chief minister told ANI.

His reaction came after Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat asked the police to take a teacher into custody after she protested at ‘Janata Darbar’ seeking her transfer.

On the related note, Trivendra Singh Rawat also ordered her suspension, after she allegedly used abusive language and showed indecency, while demanding her transfer from a remote location.

The school teacher named Uttara Bahuguna, said she has been posted in such locations since last 25 years.


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