Uttar Pradesh Polls:PM Modi’s desperation and low grade politics

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches at rallies sound differently as he is seen continuously threatening the Congressmen for slandering against him and the policies of the government. Through his rallies, Modi has shown his nervousness that people of Uttar Pradesh may  again opt for other regional or national parties like BSP, SP and Congress due to the U-turns taken by the prime minister on promises made to the nation during his 2014 Lok Sabha campaign like eliminating corruption, removing vested interests from  politics, goonda raj and  giving tickets  to the candidates having the criminal tag  etc but now for BJP president Amit Shah and Prime minister Modi the purpose is to win the Uttar Pradesh elections with fair means or foul.

The desperation of Prime Minister Modi is evident from the latest attacks he made on former Prime minister Manmohan Singh and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. Modi is 20 years elder than Rahul Gandhi and 22 years younger than Manmohan Singh and these type of repeated outbursts against the UPA government tantamount to slander against their national and privileged leaders. This type of behaviour doesn’t behove the prime minister of any country especially India  with such a rich heritage.

Why Modi is stooping to such a low-grade politics of threatening Congress leaders that he has the Janam patris of all. It is time for Modi led government  to start doing some progressive work for the nation rather than collecting Janam patris of the Opposition parties and their leaders.

For long Modi had criticised Nehru Gandhi dynasty but he needs to be reminded that British Prime Minister Theresa May  is descendant of Winston Churchill, war time prime minister of  United Kingdom therefore dynasty rule is considered good in all the countries as they are large hearted and do not stoop to low politics. Modi government has failed to recognise its role as a ruling party  and is continuously playing the role of an Opposition by criticising the Congress  and the previous UPA governments.

Modi had said that Indian people have suffered  over 70 years because of corrupt elements and he even unwittingly bracketed former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in that category. He  has reduced the stature of his party’s dedicated leaders like Vajpayee ji, LK Advani, MM Joshi etc and is showing himself in bad communal colours to woo radical Hindu votes termed as saffron brigade.

Modi is throwing slurs and smears on other parties for supporting criminals  but it has emerged that BJP has given tickets to (168) maximum number candidates  with criminal background  including President of UP BJP Keshav Prasad Maurya who is facing 11 criminal cases.

Modi’s bold decision of demonetisation has embolden the rich and elite  with more power and swelling bank accounts  while poor  are now being pushed in seeking quota for reservation in jobs for their survival and politicians are fueling their confrontation based on caste  and religious matters.

The winds of change are blowing over Uttar Pradesh to decide the water shed (turning point)moments for deciding the political flow of the country and prime minister is apparently feeling helpless to contain the political winds against his party.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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