Uttar Pradesh Congress says jailed woman leader badly beaten

Sadaf Jafar UP CAA Protest
Sadaf Jafar UP CAA ProtestSadaf Jafar UP CAA Protest

Lucknow, Dec 23 : Uttar Pradesh Congress President Ajay Kumar Lallu and party’s legislature party leader Aradhana Misra on Monday met party leader Sadaf Jafar who was arrested on Thursday last by the police during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Lucknow.

“She has been brutally beaten and has suffered internal injuries. There are injuries on her hands and legs. We have never seen this kind of brutality,” said Aradhana Misra after her return from Lucknow jail.

Her bail plea was rejected on Monday. Jafar has been charged with 18 serious offences, including inciting violence and damaging public property.

Sadaf Jafar is a single mother to two young children. She was live on Facebook at the time of the incident.

In a video on her Facebook profile, she can be seen asking the police in the area why they were not stopping those engaging in stone pelting. She can also be heard commenting on the scarcity of police officers in an area of unrest.

In another video, she can be seen walking among the gathered police officers when a policewoman detains her.

“Why are you arresting me? What have I done? Why didn’t you arrest those who were throwing stones?” she can be heard asking.

In the video another person, presumably the official, can be heard retorting, “Those old men were with you — weren’t they?”

Earlier on Sunday, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had demanded that Sadaf Zafar be released immediately.

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