Uttar Pradesh: 100 School children fell ill after consuming filaria medicine

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Sultanpur, 23 March: In a major care of negligence by the Health department in Sultanpur’s janpad area where around 100 Student’s life endangered.

At least 100 school Students fell ill after taking Filaria medicine in Uttar Pradesh ‘s Sultanpur. Around 50 students were then rushed to the CHC Hospital in which 9 are stated to be in critical condition.

The case is reported from UP’s Malhauti village on Wednesday.

Earlier also, dozens of people fell ill after consuming Filaria medicine in Nandauli village.

The campaign was launched to fight Filariasis wherein teams were formed to distribute the medicines to Children through door to door drive. In Kotwali ‘s Barue village area, the government school Students were provided the Filaria medicine and the team went away. Consequently, the children fell ill one by one before reaching back to their home.

Soon, a Panic situation arose after which 10 ambulance were called to take the students to Hospital where they are undertaking treatment.

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