Use this simple steps to protect yourself from Acne


New Delhi, March 25:Acne being so common, So not to much worry about this, just use these simple steps to protect your self from an acne.

A  Cosmetologist, have rolled out basic pointers that can be easily incorporated in daily beauty regimens:

* Keep your face clean. Remove your makeup  properly.

face clean

* Rinse your face once as much as you can or after spending the day outside.


* Don’t touch your face too often. Here the face can get infected with bacteria.

* You can use anti-acne masks once a week.

anti-acne masks

* Avoid wearing tight body hugging clothes if you have acne on the body.

* Try using brands or make-up which say on the label -non-comedogenic.

* Avoid the sun. It can increase the chance of a acne outbreak.


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