US Secretary of State Pompeo names Brian Hook special envoy for Iran strategy


Washington, Aug 17 : US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has unveiled a new team to coordinate the administrations post-nuclear deal approach to Iran and bolster support for the strategy abroad.

The Iran Action Group will be helmed by Brian Hook, Pompeo’s senior policy adviser, who will receive the title of special representative for Iran.

Pompeo told reporters on Thursday that the coalition is charged with “directing, reviewing and coordinating all aspects of the State Department’s Iran-related activity” and will report directly to him.

The main objective of the new US strategy is to change the behaviour of the Iranian regime by applying economic pressure and diplomatic isolation to squeeze Tehran.

Hook said on Thursday that out of 12 goals laid out by Pompeo earlier this year, the group will key in on ensuring that Iran does not pursue nuclear research with potential military uses, choking off Tehran’s ability to finance terrorist groups, and securing the release of and putting an end to the practice of “arbitrarily detained” American citizens.

Another emphasis of the coalition will be building “the broadest level of international support” for the new US strategy, and Hook said he had productive discussions Wednesday with French, German and British officials about Iran.

Hook added that the group was not formed with the goal of establishing a dialogue between Tehran and Washington.

“Normal relations can only begin after we see that the Iranian regime is serious about changing its behaviour.

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