US judge sentences 40 months prison to Volkswagen engineer


Chicago, Aug. Aug 26: A Volkswagen engineer was sentenced to 40 months prison for his role in the diesel emissions cheating scandal.

US District Judge Sean Cox issued the sentence and fine of $200,000 to James Liang.

Liang has been cooperating with U.S. authorities and pleaded guilty last year.

“Your cooperation and regret is noted, but it doesn’t excuse your conduct,” Cox told Liang.

The judge said “Liang was an important and key player in a very serious crime who helped devise software that cheated emissions tests.”

The illegal software was turn on nearly 600,000 diesel vehicles emissions controls to pass government tests and turn them off while on the road.

Besides Liang, six other current and former Volkswagen executives have also been indicted.

Wefornews Bureau

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