US Independence Day : Trump says military keeps America safe and strong


Washington, July 5 :US President Donald Trump wished the nation a happy Fourth of July, the American Independence Day and reserved special praise for the “American heroes” whose sacrifice he said helped the nation win her independence 242 years ago.

Trump tweeted a short video that included well wishes from him and first lady Melania Trump. The Trumps were hosting a White House picnic for military families later Wednesday, followed by a concert and viewing of the fireworks on the National Mall.

“Happy Fourth of July… Our country is doing great!” he tweeted on Wednesday morning.

Shortly after the first tweet, Trump posted a video message for his followers, reports CBS News.

“My fellow Americans, Melania and I are truly honoured to wish every American a happy Independence Day,” he said in the video.

Trump also recalled the founding father’s efforts in establishing the US.

“General George Washington and his army of brave patriots fought a long, tough war with the British to win American’s freedom. Win they did.”

In honour of the holiday, Trump called on Americans to recall the “blood and sweat and sacrifice” of these American heroes and to pay respect to military veterans.

“We are and will always be one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. Happy Fourth of July and God bless America!” he concludes in the video.

The President is spending the holiday golfing at his Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia.

However, the Trumps’ Fourth of July celebration was a far cry from the star-studded line-ups that were a regular feature while former President Barack Obama was in office, reports The New York Post.(IANS)

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