US, China war on South China Sea to lead to world war III

US and China are on a brink of war over South China Sea as Beijing  has entirely militarized the disputed region  and its border with Russia with nuclear arsenals. But the significant point is both US and China are economic powers  with naval and military power.

The war seems inevitable  and the entire Muslim world will be ranged against US while  Europe, UK, Russia  will side with America.

For a major military conflict with US, China has stepped up its naval and border military preparedness to meet any imminent threat in the region.Besides deploying nuclear arsenal with intercontinental missiles along its border with Russia,China could strike US and Russia.

Nukes are to be placed in the central Henan region  and north eastern Heilongjiang province which is near to the American mainland bordering Russia .

US President Donald Trump has given enough war signals over China’s manoeuvres in South China Sea  by appointing Steve Bannon as chief strategist who is at the highest level of policymaking and Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State who as warmongers have warned China that US enjoys predominant authority over the disputed region and would not allow Beijing’s access in international waters in the South China Sea.”

Recently resurfaced Bannon’s audio recording dated March 2016  throws light on the next area of US military intervention . Bannon says “We are going to war in the South China Sea in five to 10 years ,aren’t we.?There’s no doubt about that.”

Further Trump has put in place for re-balancing US strategy in Asia,military deployments in the East  and South China Seas  and missile defence system in South Korea.

Trump has ordered the deployment of three aircraft-carriers to the East-Pacific region  


Since December 2013 China has been building military outposts, harbors,berthing areas to allow access for larger ships, air bases, missiles heavy weaponry systems,anti-aircraft guns on artificial islands like Johnson Reef,  Fiery Cross Reef, Hughes Reef  that has altered the dynamics of the South China Sea in favour of China.

Further with Core leader Xi Jinping ordering the  over flight of Xian H-6 a nuclear capable bomber along the disputed ‘nine dash line’ around the south China Sea before  Trump’s taking office  also indicates that China’s military buildup was aimed at maintaining sovereignty,security and territorial integrity.

Chinese military official on People’s Liberation Army website has warned that “a war within the president’s term is imminent.”


Having realized that the break out of an imminent war with US  and Russia on Trump’s side ,China cannot contemplate stepping back on the South China Sea  and other issues including other regions that could jeopardize its ambitions of attaining superpower status .

Bannon’s geopolitical strategy is in complete agreement with Trump’s thinking that China will be checkmated in its thinking of riding on power on the back of Islamic world.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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