US allied forces encircle ISIS stronghold in Syria, cut off main supply route

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U.S.-backed militia have encircled  an ISIS stronghold of Manbij in northern Syria on Thursday and cut off the group’s supply route , part of a wave of new offensives against the self-declared caliphate.

The effective encirclement of Manbij by a militia called the Syria Democratic Forces is part of US forces  to seal off the last stretch of Syrian-Turkish frontier.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by coalition air strikes and US special forces, seized control of the final road leading into Manbij on Friday and have now encircled the city.

The loss of Manbij will be a huge loss to the group as the route  was being used by the group  for supplies and manpower and also  fighters were using the route  for attacks in Europe. It’s a Isil supply line between the Turkish border and the extremist group’s de facto capital, Raqqa.

Isil still controls territory along the Turkish border with secondary roads to the frontier but these are much more dangerous and difficult to access because of regime troops nearby and Russian air strikes.

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