Uri attack: India should opt full-scale military action against Pakistan and terrorists

URI Attack

The deadliest terror attack in Uri near LOC in North Kashmir involving death of 17 Army personnel is the tenth major attack since  Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in 2014.

The protests in South Kashmir, attacks in the North Kashmir by Pakistani terrorists and Nawaz Sharif taking up the matter in UN General Assembly and other International forums are well timed and show their well established pattern in raking up the Kashmir issue to create a war like situation.

Narendra Modi  casual approach to these incidents while playing petty party politics to win elections is landing the country in grave situation..During the 2014 Lok Sabha campaigning, Modi  used to tweet on UPA’s  response on Pakistan’s  infiltration activities and China’s incursions.Modi’s old tweets  ” Who will save from tantrums of Pakistan?….., China intrudes our borders Pakistan kills our soldiers  time and again….  but Congress still sleeping … “and ” Can I ask PM Manmohan Why are you still sleeping?”

The protesters and terrorists have snatched the initiative in acting against our security forces and our response has so far been timid that does not meet the challenge of the entire situation.

Thus, the time to talk to Pakistan diplomatically has run out and the need of the hour is to undertake a well coordinated action in the entire Kashmir.

The Separatist and Hurriyat leaders should be ruthlessly arrested  and army in South Kashmir should conduct raids the houses of the instigators  and  take proper action against them.

Seeing the gravity of the situation and the scale of provocative behaviour of Pakistan, Modi government should side line the  Political leaders across the various parties  in Jammu and Kashmir  as well as from across the country as they confuse the issue by uttering their party line statements .

Now, the time has come to resolve the Kashmir issue militarily. To wage a full-scale war or first  carry out a calculated  trans-border  operations by infantry units  or special forces  to target terror camps across the border  which is trained for irregular warfare .
Within two months, Nawaz Sharif adopted an aggressive posture against India by asking  and assisting terror groups in Pakistan like Hafiz Saeed’s JuD to create unrest in Kashmir and to conduct terror attacks in Kashmir because his position as Prime Minister had become shaky due to overnight posters urging Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif to stage a coup  and his family members role in Panama scandal

Blog : By Arti Bali (Views expressed are writer’s personal)

(Senior Journalist)

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