UP IPS officer suspended after he raised caste based harassment in police dept


New Delhi: UP Police has suspended IPS Himanshu Kumar over indiscipline days after he alleged that seniors are targeting subordinates of “Yadav” surname on the micro blogging site.  

Reportedly Uttar Pradesh police has also ordered a probe on tweets posted by Himanshu kumar.

In a series of tweets UP IPS officer had alleged that senior police personnel in the state are under immense pressure to either suspend or send police personnel having ‘Yadav’ surname to reserve lines. The comment came 3 days after new Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath took the charge of his office.

By tagging director general of police’s (DGP) office in Lucknow, Himanshu Kumar triggered a caste controversy as the state’s Yadav community is considered as supporters of Samajwadi Party (SP) who led UP in the last assembly.

His allegations citing discrimination in the police system directly hit the DGP office and resulted in his suspension on the grounds of indiscipline.

He deleted the tweets later. Here are the screenshots:UP-IPS-tweet

He also tweeted: “Why is DGP office forcing officers to punish people in the name of caste?” and “Why did DGP not allow proper investigation of FIR filed by me 309/16 PS Bisrakh Noida?”


Kumar who is 2010 batch IPS officer, was posted by Election Commission in Lucknow DGP HQ. He was posted as a Superintendent of Police in Manipuri and Firozabad earlier.

Meanwhile previous Samajwadi Party government was also accused by many for favoring ‘Yadav’ surnames in government services.

With change in the state government, the friction amid officers and bureaucracy for political favors are quite apparent from the incident.

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