UP: Anonymous poster war between BJP and SP steams up


Ahead of the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections next year, once again the blame game has initiated between the Centre and Sanmajwadi Party.

Both the parties are not willing to leave any stone unturned and In a race to win the battle the SP has started the poster war ahead to criticise the Modi government once again.

The BJP government at the Centre are being targetted by using posters this time featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, shown sitting on an aeroplane with a tomato in one hand, symbolising blowing off inflation.

The poster declaim: ‘Thug ki sarkar’ (crook’s government). The punchline below reads: ‘Kaho dil se, Akhilesh fir se’, spuring the masses to vote the Samajwadi Party back to power in Uttar Pradesh. The posters are also willing to take a dig at PM Modi for his frequent foreign visits .

These posters have emerged across Agra days after “unnamed” posters bearing the saffron party’s lotus condemned the ruling Samajwadi Party government for the state’s dwindling law and order. The posters were seen on walls, buses and at tea stalls across the city.

Earlier, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav had also stated, “Centre is responsible for the price rise. It should come forward to curb it. During elections, they (BJP) had promised through out the country to have formula for curbing price rise. Now time has come when they should apply their formula,”
Spellbindingly, the Samajwadi Party leaders have also distanced themselves from these posters,like the BJP earlier.

“This might be a reaction from the masses to the earlier posters by BJP which were an insensitive depiction of an unfortunate incident at Jawahar Bagh. We do not indulge in such politics,” said Vipul Purohit, in charge of Samajwadi Party in Agra.


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