Watch video: Union Minister Harshvardhan plays role of Raja Janak

New Delhi, Oct 13: Union Minister Harsh Vardhan on Friday played a role legendary king Janak of Mithila at Ram Leela event in the national capital.

Donning traditional silk attire, a golden crown, speaking chaste Hindi, an imperial moustache, the minister showcased an amazing performance in a play organised by the Luv Kush committee in old Delhi.

Ramleela, which depicts the life of Lord Rama, usually held for nine days during Navaratri and concludes on the tenth day (Dushera) when an effigy of Ravana is burnt to mark the trump of Lord Rama.

Television actors Om and Sudha Shivpuri’s daughter Ritu, Angad Hasija also performed at the play.

Shivpuri played Janak’s wife Sunaina, Angad Hasija essayed a role of Lord Ram and Girija Shankar, who played Dhritarashtra in B R Chopra’s Mahabharata was seen as Vishvamitra.


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