Union Minister advise to tribals, Be smart like Vijay Mallya


New Delhi, July 14: Union minister Jual Oram on Friday advised tribals that to become smart enough to avail bank loans to become successful entrepreneurs learn from liquor baron Vijay Mallya as he is smart and intelligent.

Oram made these remarks at National Tribal Entrepreneurs Conclave 2018 in Hyderabad.

He told the gathering, “You people criticise Vijay Mallya. But what is Vijay Mallya? He is smart. He employed some intelligent people. He did something here and there with bankers, politicians, the government”.

However, after inviting flak, Oram apologised for mentioning Mallya’s name and justified his stance saying I accidentally took his name.

“I accidentally took Vijay Mallya’s name. I should have taken someone else’s name. I should not have taken his name, it was my mistake”, he told ANI.

The Minister for Tribal Welfare further said the centre would encourage tribal entrepreneurs through various schemes.

He stated though people belonging to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes get reservation in education, jobs and politics, the disadvantage is that they are not “treated” on par with others in terms of knowledge and talent.

“We should become entrepreneurs, we should become intelligent. We should become smart. We should gain information. Information is power. Those who possess information, they control power,” Oram added.


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