Uninformed allegations reflects Modi’s frustration due to NDA’s faulty policies : Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, Sep 2: Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making baseless allegations on the previous UPA government just for giving good sound bytes to media channels. Further linked his sound bytes with Modi’s frustration.

The attack by Kapil Sibal came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday pinned the blame on the previous UPA government and its ‘phone-a-loan scam’ for the bad loans in the banking sector and insisted that every penny given at the behest of ‘Namdars’ (dynasts) will be recovered.

Emphasizing that Indian economy has been destroyed by Modi led NDA’s faulty economic policies, Kapil Sibal tweeted, “Uninformed allegations make for good sound bytes; the only evidence of Modiji’s frustration. The so-called ‘Kamdar’ has destroyed India’s economy: No jobs and no solutions in sight. The biggest NPA in this country is this government. Sarkar Hatao, Desh Bachao”

Quoting RBI figures, the Congress said the NPAs in 2013-14 was worth only ₹2.5 lakh crore and it now stood at ₹11.5 lakh crore.

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