UNGA: Pakistan envoy Lodhi flashes Palestinian victim’s photo as a Kashmiri

Maleeha lodhi flashes wrong photo in UNGA
Maleeha lodhi flashes wrong photo in UNGA

Every country gave its best to represent itself in the United nation general assembely but Pakistan took it peculiarly serious as it used Ghaza’s photo to malign India.

In her speech in UNGA Pakistan’s ambassador Maleeha Lodhi showed a picture of pellet gun victim from Ghaza and claimed it to be from India’s kashmir.

The ambassador was responding to a hard hitting speech by Sushma Swaraj and blamed India for human rights violation on the basis of a fake photograph.

But her claims of human rights violation in Kashmir came back to her like boomerang after the photo proved to be from Ghaza and not from Kashmir.

Sushma swaraj in her speech in UNGA said,”Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s attacks on India as a way to blunt them in the international forum: “He accused India of State-sponsored terrorism, and of violating human rights. Those listening had only one observation: ‘Look who’s talking’.”

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