Unannounced Emergency in India


When Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose to speak about Emergency at Ramnath Geonka Award he made marked digressions to justify his actions to curb freedom of democratic institutions and his authoritarian approach in governing the country. Sooner the people realised that India under Modi was moving fast towards unannounced Emergency.

Modi’s aim has been only to consolidate powers in his hand to exercise unquestionable dictatorial powers.

His observation of having global media only shows his intense desire of being counted among  global authoritarian rulers like North Korea’s KIm Jong Un  and Chinese President Xi Jinping who are displaying their strengths  to expand their influence and area of acclivities without paying any heed to International community.

The Prime Minister even appears to take a step forward by advising world powers when his own house is in complete disorder.He cannot go on doing ever thing by claiming it to be in national interest.

Modi should remember that the history of any leader like Hitler or Stalin is written after he quits the stage and media was only performing its role of guiding the government of its responsibilities  and pointing out the loopholes.so that India’s interest could be served.

 Shadows of Emergency can be seen in numerous acts of government like

  • Starting with “Ghar Vapsi” through conversions of Christians, Muslims and other backward classes.

Modi has been compared to ‘Ram’ and Manohar Parrikar with ‘Hanuman’  who are so powerful  to attack and punish  Pakistan with surgical strikes but so weak to control his army of ministers who are often seen giving controversial STATEMENTS TO SPLINTER THE COUNTRY .

Mukthar Abbas Naqvi said, “This is an issue of faith and belief. Cow is considered holy in India and so we can’t allow it to be killed. It is a sensitive issue. Those who cannot live without it should go to Pakistan or to Arab countries. India can never allow it.”

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti said, “Aapko tay karna hai ki Dilli mein sarkar Ramzadon ki banegi ya haramzadon ki. Yeh aapka faisla hai (You must decide whether you want a government of those born of Ram or of those born illegitimately).”

  • Emergency in educational institutions can be seen in  Rohith Chakravarti Vemula’s suicide, FTII protests  against RSS men who was imposed on them as a director of the institute and revision of syllabubs on the lines of saffron party.
  • Extrajudicial killings, fake encounters, Vyapam scam killings etc.
  • IF any protests or routine voice is raised against the government policy  it is blatantly ignored  and leaders of Opposition parties are detained on flimsy grounds.
  • The BJP-PDP coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir has ceased to exist and  the show is being run by the troops and various paramilitary forces.
  • Pakistan has been trying to dislodge Kashmir but the previous government did not let the Kashmir issue slip to the extent that the Kashmiris are openly asking for succession and it is the inability of the Modi government that the things have worsened to such an extent.
  • Thus an act of Emergency by Modi government can be visualized in banning transmission and re-transmission of NDTV India for a day on November 9.

Now, PM Modi has taken such a high purge that he wants “India to have a global media to tell the world the right way to live” but sorry to say India doesn’t posses the superpower status.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali Senior Journalist

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