UN rejects Pak’s plea on Kashmir


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has rejected Pakistan’s appeal to the UN to solve the Kashmir problem between India and Pakistan.

Moon met Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday at United Nations’ headquarter and Sharif provided him with a report narrating the evidence of human rights violation by Indian forces in Kashmir.

As this happened, Moon told Sharif that India and Pakistan shall cater their unsolved and important issues (including Kashmir) through “dialogue.”

“The Secretary-General stressed the need for Pakistan and India to address their outstanding issues, including Kashmir, through dialogue, saying it is in the interest of both countries and the region as a whole,” according to a readout of Moon’s meeting with Sharif provided by his spokesperson.

Sharif also presented and showed Moon the “pictures” of “innocent and defenseless” people in Kashmir “victimized through brutal use of force and atrocities.”

“The Prime Minister also reiterated the imperative of an independent inquiry into the extra-judicial killings and a UN fact-finding mission to investigate the situation in occupied Kashmir. He emphasised that India must be urged to abide by UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir,” the statement said.

Sharif is trying really hard to make Kashmir issue internationalizes, writing and sending letters to the UN. He is also raising Kashmir issue and attacking India during his speeches in the UNGA.

The efforts of Sharif seems to be failing regarding the same, following Moon’s final speech to the UNGA as UN chief because it had no mention or reference of Kashmir issue or the situation in Kashmir. Moon mentioned plenty of global issues on the UN agenda, including the situation in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, the tensions in the Korean Peninsula and the Middle East but not Kashmir.

Moon’s office has, again and again, said that the UN is available on helping on the Kashmir dispute issue but only when both countries – India and Pakistan – request for the same. Kashmir issue shall be solved by India and Pakistan only as it is a bilateral issue and bilateral talks can help resolve the issue.

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