Uma Bharti refuses to dine with Dalits !!

Bhopal, May 2: Firebrand Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Union Minister Uma Bharti refused to dine with Dalit families during Samajik Samrasta Bhoj(mass meal).

During Samajik Samrasta Bhoj in Naugaon’s Gadhmau village on Tuesday, Bharti said “I don’t consider myself Lord Ram that I could purify Dalits by eating at their home. Instead, I prefer inviting Dalits to my home and serving them personally”.

“My house gets blessed when I serve Dalit with my hands in my house,” news agency ANI quoted the BJP leader as saying.

However later, Bharti in a letter clarified that she was not aware about the mass meal.

The Union Minister said ” Harshu Mahraj told her about mass meal, earlier she was not aware.

In a letter, Bharti apologised citing that she had to visit Papora and Vindhyanagar which was around 150 km away from  Naugaon.

Meanwhile, in a stark contrast to Bharti’s remark, Yogi’s cabinet minister Rajendra Pratap on the same day reportedly compared BJP leaders to Lord Ram.

He said the way Lord Ram blessed Shabari (a Dalit) by eating his berries, BJP leaders were also blessing Dalits by going to their homes.


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