Ultranationalists are spoiling Country’s Image, says Yashwant Sinha

Yashwant Sinha

New Delhi, July 12 : In an exclusive with ‘The Quint’, Senior Bhartiya Janta Party leader Yashwant Sinha expressed his thoughts on the contemporary political and economic scenario of the country.

Sinha spoke on wide range of issues including China, unrest in Kashmir, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Ultranationalism and ‘Supari Journalism’.

Showing concern over Ultranationalism and Supari Journalism said People who claimed they are Ultranationalists are biggest “desh drodhis”. He raised a new term ” Supari Journalism ” saying there are news channel which pay Ultranationalists to come on their television shows and shout on the screen.

On India and China border dispute, Sinha said Beijing is not using diplomatic language, which has become talking point for news anchors, speak about bravery should be sent to Doklam.

While speaking on Kashmir unrest he stated political solution cannot be a military solution.

On GST Former Minister of Finance and Minister of External Affairs said seven slabs under Goods and services tax is dangerous. He also criticised the central government by saying ministers have only thought about revenue, not principles.

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Israel, over this Sinha said it wasn’t unique. We should maintain a balance between Israel and Palatine. By leaning towards one side, we risk disrupting that balance.

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