UK: Explosion at Tata Steelworks plant in South Wales

Tata Steel Explosion UK
New Delhi, April 26: An explosion was reported at Tata Steelworks plant in the Port Talbot town of South Wales, United Kingdom, police said on Friday.

The police department took to Twitter and stated that it “is currently in attendance with emergency service colleagues from fire and rescue and ambulance service at an incident at Tata Steelworks.”

The department also mentioned that “at this time we believe there are just two casualties with minor injuries.” The blast took place at around 3:35 am (UK time), it added.

“This incident is ongoing at the moment and emergency services are at the scene investigating,” the department further said.

Two people are reported to be injured in the incident.

The Emergency services are at the spot, and police have asked people to avoid the area.

Tata Steel Europe wrote on its official Twitter handle that the fire is under control and no serious injuries have been reported.


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