UK can now detain Russian aircraft: Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

Russian Su-27 fighter
Russian Su-27 fighter (File Picture)

London, March 9 : The UK has announced a raft of new sanctions affecting Russian aircraft and exports of space and aviation technology.

The measures, which were announced by the UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, will give the government powers to detain Russian aircraft in the UK and make it a criminal offence to fly or land them in the country, the BBC reported.

Truss said the changes would inflict further “economic pain on Russia and those close to the Kremlin”.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the UK was going a step further by “making it a criminal offence for Russian aircraft to operate in UK airspace”.

BBC Newsnight political editor Nick Watt explained the move was not intended to target Russian-owned craft, which are already banned from flying to the UK.

Instead, he said they would address the “grey area” of private jets which are registered in a third country being chartered by wealthy Russians.

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