U.S. cuts military training programs with Pakistan


Washington, Aug 11 : President Donald Trump’s administration has suspended highly valued training and educational programs with the Pakistani military, the major part of US-Pakistan bilateral relations.

Trump’s administration  has refused to provide funds for training of 66 Pakistan military officers as the program has been suspended from US National Defence University (NDU), Washington, which has had reserved seats for Pakistani officers for more than a decade.

This forms a part of a decision to suspend U.S. security assistance to the country. Earlier, the fund for training Pakistani officers came from the US government’s International Military Education and Training Programme (IMET).

The Trump administration announced early this year that it was suspending security assistance to Pakistan over differences on Afghanistan but indicated that training programmes for military officers will continue.

The US National Defence University has been asked  fill the positions for the next year with officers from other nations.

The NDU is one of several US military institutions that train officers from Pakistan.

Pakistani officers have been receiving military training and education in the US since early 1960s, which were suspended in the 1990s but restored after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

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