Typhoon Faxai makes landfall near Tokyo

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Tokyo, Sep 9 ( Evacuation advisories were issued to more than 110,000 households in Tokyo and surrounding areas ahead of Typhoon Faxai’s landfall just east of here early on Monday, Japanese media reported.

Faxai made landfall near Chiba City around 5 a.m., according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

The storm may have had winds equivalent to a strong Category 1 hurricane at landfall. By 4 a.m., about 450,000 households had lost power, the Tokyo Electric Power Company told NHK news.

The eye of the storm may pass near Tokyo. If the storm passes by just to the west of the capital, storm-surge flooding will be a concern in Tokyo Bay. With the northern and eastern sides of the storm packed with the strongest winds, damaging gusts can reach the city.

As of 4.30 a.m., videos began to surface on social media of floodwaters inundating roads to apartment complexes.

“This will remain a compact storm during its lifespan,” Senior Meteorologist Dave Houk said. Even though the storm is small in size, the threat should not be taken lightly especially near the coast of Honshu, including Tokyoas the rain and wind will be a threat to life and property, even though it will impact a relatively small area, according to Houk.

According to the Guardian, organizers of the Rugby World Cup are monitoring the cyclone and how it could impact or possibly cancel games set to take place in Tokyo over the weekend. This same time last year, a typhoon struck Kobe and Osaka, two cities that were hosting some rugby games of the World Cup.

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