Typhoon causes floods in N Korea, 15 missing

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Pyongyang, Sep 3: At least 15 persons went missing following a typhoon Lionrock triggered floods in North Korea and forced thousands to evacuate, according to state media on Saturday.

The typhoon caused heavy rains of up to 320 mm per hour and strong winds in the recent days, EFE reported citing the KCNA agency said.

Hamgyong was among the worst-affected province as several localities were totally or partially inundated by the Tumen river flowing above its banks.

In Hoeryong city, 15 persons were missing, while 44,000 have been evacuated in Hamgyong province and nearly 17,180 houses were damaged due to heavy rains.

At least 34 persons died after a five-storey building collapsed in Hamgyong due to torrential rain.

Officials continue to assess the damage caused by the typhoon and will take necessary steps to help the affected people, KCNA added.

Lionrock, the tenth typhoon of the season in the Pacific, ravaged North Korea after causing significant material damage this week in neighbouring China, and leaving at least 14 dead in Japan.

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