Twitter suspends around 70 million spam accounts in two months


California, July 7: In a bid to curb the flow of misinformation on the platform, Twitter has suspended a whopping number of accounts between May and June this year.

According to Tech Crunch report, the company has shut down as many as 70 million accounts in the given period and suspended 13 million accounts during a week of bot banning the activity in mid-May.

When a suspicious account fails to pass the test of verifying their phone number, Twitter suspended that account.

Those accounts which successfully passed the test are reinstated.

Twitter and other social media platforms including Facebook Inc have been under scrutiny by U.S. lawmakers and international regulators for doing too little to prevent the spread of fake news.

The social media firms have been taking measures such as deleting user accounts, introducing updates and actively monitoring content to help users avoid being a victim of misinformation.


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