Twitter removes key features in third-party apps


San Francisco, Aug 17: Aiming to deliver better experiences for its users, Mirco blogging platform Twitter has removed support for some outdated but key featured in third-party applications. 

In a blog post yesterday, Twitter said it will remove access to application programme interfaces (APIs) needed to power push notifications and an auto-refreshing timeline.

“We’ve chosen to stop investing in other products a” including two legacy developer tools used by about 1 per cent of third-party developers. This means that some Twitter-like apps will not be able to function the exact same way as before,” asserted  Rob Johnson, Director of Product at Twitter.

Third-party Twitter apps such as Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Talon and Tweetings will be affected by the recent development.

Now instead of tweets automatically streaming in like they once did in some third-party applications, users will now need to pull to refresh like they do in Twitter-owned apps and sites.

“We’ve removed support for Twitter for Apple Watch and Twitter for Mac, wea¿ve replaced our previous Twitter for Windows app with our Progressive Web App, and now, we’re removing support for some outdated developer tools,” Johnson further said.


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