Twitter points out Jaitely’s blunder over legalised plunder charge

New Delhi, November 24: Besides haulted winter session proceedings of parliament due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s continuous absence from the house, what is making news on social media is how Finance Minster Arun Jaitely failed to understand the essence of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech.

Dr Manmohan Singh on Thursday led the opening address by the opposition and slammed center for “monumental mismanagement” in implementing currency ban to cease black money.  Dr Singh described Modi’s demonetisation drive as ‘Organised Loot, Legalised Plunder.’ While Finance Minsiter Jaitely slammed opposition for calling “crusade against black money as a blunder.”

Dr Manmohan Singh is the father of Indian Reforms and one of the key economists in India. Singh, who has served as key Economic Advisor, Finance Minister and Prime Minister of India, said in the parliament yesterday that cash crunch would hurt at least 2 % of GDP growth. His statement can never be considered as an understatement.

It is a pity of Indian Politics, the serving Finance Minster cascades a personal attack in response to a policy attack by his counterpart.

However Twitter is fast to pick the news and tweets started rolling out as the Jaitely called plunder as blunder.

On seventh day of parliament’s winter session PM Modi attended the house for approximately 1 hour. Former PM and leader of the opposition party Manmohan Singh gave a historical speech and challenged Modi on Demonetisation, while tight lipped Modi looked on. He chose to skip the proceeding after the lunch break.

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