Twitter launches dedicated search prompt for Bihar elections

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 The micro-blogging site Twitter on Friday announced a partnership with the Election Commission of India and launched a new search prompt that makes it easy to find credible and authoritative information related to Bihar Assembly elections.

The new search prompt will provide information about the candidate lists, voting dates, polling booths, EVMs voter registration, among other election-related topics.

The ‘Get the Latest Updates’ prompt will get activated in over 30 hashtags across English and Hindi languages.

Some of which include: #AssemblyElections, #AssemblyPolls,#BiharAssemblyElections, #BiharElection, #BiharElections, #BiharPolls, #EVM, #GeneralElections,#PollingBooth, #VoterRegistration, #VotingDay, #VVPAT, etc.

“Twitter is where people come to hear directly from elected officials and candidates for office, it’s where they come to find breaking news and stay updated with the latest election related conversations,” the platform said in a statement.

As the Bihar Assembly elections approach, the service is taking steps to ensure people have access to real time, reliable updates on related developments, they added.

Source: IANS

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