Twitter come up with new feature to identify your BFF


New York, Jan 21: The social networking platform Twitter is testing a new feature which is currently working on a brand new feature which could identify your Best Friend Forever.

A new feature that highlights tweets from a select, single person it thinks you should not miss.

According to a report on TechCrunch on Friday, a single person’s tweets will get their own special spot on your timeline.

This seems similar to the Twitter’s recap feature “In Case You Missed It…”which rounds up all the tweets from the accounts you frequently engage with or others that Twitter finds worthy of your attention.
Like the “In Case You Missed It…” feature, users can dismiss this new ‘BFF’ feature when it appears, letting Twitter notify you that you want to see this feature less often.

“The account it chooses to show you is based on a number of signals — how often you engage with the account in question. Repeat engagement is also used to determine whether or not Twitter shows you the module at all,” the report noted, adding that the test was underway for select users on iOS, Android, and the web.

However, it was unclear how correctly Twitter has figured out whose tweets users may want to see the most.

“…I don’t think I like anybody enough to justify this new feature you’re trying,” the report quoted a Twitter user joking.

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