Twitter celebrates it’s 10th anniversary


Twitter, micro blogging website marks its 10th anniversary on March 21. It’s time to bounce back and look at the important achievement and what the future may look like for the platform, which has been documenting the world in 140 characters.

It now has more than 300 million active users so far, which is less when compared with Facebook’s 1.5 billion users making it more popular, faster, and the choice of more marketers.

“Twitter, if you push the right buttons, gives you more of what you actually want, not what it and its business partners think it’s best you see,”

Twitter fascinate significant number of politicians, scientists, journalists and celebrities, who use the platform to convey their thoughts in 140 characters with precision that “not everyone can achieve but everyone appreciates”.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that while a number of changes are being planned for Twitter, its 140-character limit  is an element that gives Twitter a unique identity.  Micro blogging platform will stay true to its original values – “”It’s breaking news, but you can actually interact with the news makers,”

Twitter proved itself  as an excellent platform to raise awareness about political topics, spread political messages and coordinate collective action. The use of Twitter by Republican candidate Donald Trump “as a microphone” is one of the several such cases to prove the point.

In India, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has been effectively using the platform to address issues raised by ordinary citizens using one of the world’s largest railway networks. It is Twitter’s efficiency as a platform for instant sharing of news, links and views that makes it indispensable. It has changed the way the information used to flow around the world.

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